Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)

To view our BYOT policy, please click here.


Technology is an integral tool in education and can be used to enhance learning across the curriculum. At Redcliff, our motto is We Aspire to Great Heights and it is with that spirit in mind that we seek to teach students the skills, knowledge, and behaviors required for success in a global community.


Wireless technology has been shown to have a positive impact on student engagement and achievement. Our aim is to provide learning opportunities to enhance 21st century skills and meet creative challenges of the future.


Therefore, Redcliff Middle School will allow the use of personal devices on our student wireless network in an educational setting. Only students that adhere to the responsibilities stated in the CCRSB Code of Conduct, RMS BYOT Policy, and have signed the BYOT contract will be eligible to use devices in school. The implementation of Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) at Redcliff means that students are able to bring their own privately owned technology to school to assist their learning experiences.


The use of personal devices by students is optional, and students who do not participate in BYOT will not be penalized and alternate modes of participation will be provided. It is our goal to ensure equal access for all students with regards to technology, and those without devices will be provided RMS devices when necessary. This program will improve equity of access to technology to all students and the process will ensure standards of technology in the classroom so that no child feels excluded.  Students will never be required to purchase or incur fees related to apps and programs.


We will strive to provide an inclusive and safe environment for our students. A key element of this program will involve instruction on responsible digital citizenship and internet safety. We feel that access to the tools and resources of a world-wide network, and understanding when and how these tools are appropriately and effectively used are imperative in 21st century education.