We opened our doors in late January of 1998. It is now home to almost five hundred grade five through seven students and a teaching staff of thirty.

True to the middle school philosophy, the focus at Redcliff is to provide educational programs geared to the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of the early adolescent. The curriculum is wide-ranging to assist students in making informed decisions about their interests.

Redcliff offers several unique benefits for its students including a Positive Participation Program that is directly associated with the school’s 5 Steps to Responsible Behaviour Program.




Regular and prompt attendance is expected of all students. Parents are requested to call the school if their son/ daughter is late or absent.

  • Attendance reflects achievement
  • Lateness is an attendance problem
  • Attendance is the responsibility of students/parents
  • Parents are asked to provide written excuses for absences
  • For chronic or long-term absences medical excuses are requested.

Students are not to leave the school without signing out at the office. There must be an emergency phone number on their registration form. Students are responsible to make up work, assignments and tests missed during absence.


Homework / Assessment

Homework is given on a regular basis. Daily homework can be viewed from our Homework link on our website. Teachers recommend a definite and consistent time period be set aside each night for home study. It is important that this becomes a natural part of the student’s daily routine in order to develop good study habits. Students are reminded that when you return to school following an absence you are expected to consult with your teachers to catch up on assignments and tests.

All students at the Middle School will be assessed on a daily basis with homework and notebooks being checked regularly. Assessments will also include class work, student led projects, assignments and all written work.

Communication with parents will be done by teachers and teams of teachers throughout the year regarding academic progress and parents may be invited in periodically to meet with teachers and their teams.



Students are required to write all tests. Students who miss tests with a valid reason will be given a make-up. Students who miss a make-up will receive a mark of “0” unless the school is contacted by parents explaining extenuating circumstances.

Five-Steps to Responsible Behavior Program:

In order to establish a safe and orderly environment for our students at Redcliff Middle School, and as a means of communication between the school and home, we have implemented the 5 Steps to Responsible Behaviour Program. This program stresses appropriate behaviour and respect in the school as well as preparation for class and homework.

The program encourages students to be responsible for their behaviour. An infraction in any one category moves the student to Step 1. Another infraction moves the student to Step. 2. If the student has reached Step 5, he/she meets with the administration. A letter which further explains the program and a contract for the students will be sent home for signing. Records are kept on a monthly basis and students have a new start each month.



  1. Students are responsible for proper conduct and behavior at all times. Students are expected to be police and respectful to adults and peers.
  2. No individual student has the right to interfere with the learning process of other students. Students have the right to learn in a safe environment.
  3. Students who continue to be disruptive in their behavior will be sent to the Vice Principal. Parents may be notified. If the problem becomes persistent the student will be suspended from school. This process can be repeated and may lead to the School Board expelling the student from school.
  4. Parent meeting, in-school suspensions, peer mediation and counselling are other possible actions the school administration may use for students who choose not to follow the regulations of the school.


Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Students at Redcliff must strictly abide by the school’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy.